Sunday, 10 May 2015

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 The first time the General Overseer of Faith In Christ Mission, Pastor T. Bamiro was going to jerusalem, He announced that anyone who wants to write a letter to their relative in london should give the letter to him to deliver people doubted him because they know he didn't have a visa while few gave him letters. After weeks in jerusalem, he set to return but they were informed that the available plane could only take few of them back to Nigeria because it was smaller. Others will be taken to London to book another flight going to Nigeria the pastor happened to be one of those that will be taken to london airport. They got to the airport in London ready to book another flight. The pastor told other pastors that were with him that he was going to enter london and anybody that wants to enter london should come with him . Eight other pastors went with him while others stayed back knowing fully well that he can't enter london without a visa. On getting to the point of entrance hey were asked of their visa The pastor said they didn't have a visa and they don't need it to enter london because his father owns the earth. When asked who his father was, he pointed up and said "God" the official collected their passport and told them to wait. Every other pastors were panicking thinking their passports will be destroyed and they will be sent back but to their greatest surprise, the official came back with their passports cleared them and told them that they can enter london. The Lord is good
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A woman who has been told by several medical doctors that she will never conceive, After it was confirmed that she has no womb she went to see the General Overseer of Faith In Christ Mission. He prayed with her and the spirit of God led the pastor to tell her that she will conceive regardless her condition
Her womb was gone but still, God ministered to her through the man of God that she will conceive. It seems impossible but to the Glory of God, She gave birth to a baby after months of encounter with God through pastor Theophilus Bamiro

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Another proof that time and age is not an hindrance to the fufilment of God's promise. After 15 years of unproductive marriage, An encounter with with the Holy Ghost during a special revival at Faith In Christ Mission Changed her story positively.
After 15 years of unfruitfulness, She gave birth to a baby girl through God's intervention, when she had lost all hopes due to the advanced age. The lord answered her prayers and wiped away her tears. Glory be to God
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God is indeed miraculous. A 13 year old boy accidentally  sustained an injury on his arm but it didn't heal after months, he was taken to several hospitals but the results were all the same. The doctors said they had to amputate the arm but after a sincere encounter with God through pastor Theophilus Bamiro (The General Overseer of Faith In Chirst Mission Dr. pastor T. Bamiro), The story changed for good. The hand that was meant to be cut off got healed miraculously. praise the lord
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A woman had cancer disease for years that affected every of her body. The doctors abroad diagnosed and told her that she has only six days to live. Then a brother of her's introduced to the General overseer of Faith In Christ Mission Dr. Pastor T. Bamiro, Who prayed with her and told her to destroy the x-ray and every other report which confirm the disease.
Surprisingly, she started to notice changes in her body system. it's been three years since all the traces of the disease disappeared. She is hale and heaty. God be praised

Friday, 1 May 2015

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

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*Oh lord,you have said i will live in prosperity,God arise and honour your word in my life.
        *Any power that is saying no to my celebration and saying no to good news in my life, i command you Die!
        *Every power thats says i must live a life without leftover(i.e hand to mouth),i command you Die!